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Club Shoot #GayProll and #GayChav

Saturday 21st May

This month we have a guest theme of all things chav, proll, trainers and shiny. 
Get out your Airmax, Twinkx, Mr Riegilio, Chile tracksuits, Addicted, Aasssox and of course football kit.  Saturday 21st May 2022.

Club Shoot

Football kit and sportsgear fetish club

Club Shoot is a monthly event for guys into football kit and sportsgear. We have a strict dresscode, but, if you are in town, and don’t have your kit with you, we have some spares that you can borrow. Our event takes place at the Underground Club, in Kings Cross. Our theme is both social and cruisey, so something for everyone, depending on your mood.  Most of our visitors are gay men into football kit and sportsgear fetish, but anyone is welcome, as long as you are into the gear.

Get your kit now

2021-2022 Premier League Kits

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Man City Home

Arsenal Home

Chelsea Home

Where to find Club Shoot

Five minute walk from Kings Cross station

If you come out of Kings Cross Station on the Euston Road, then turn left and walk along a few meters - You'll see a McDonalds ahead of you.   Then turn left up York Way.  Walk up York Way until you find on the right, Wharfdale Road.  Walk along Wharfdale Road, and you'll find Central Station pub.  We are in The Underground Club, underneath Central Station.